Stuck in the present

Lost in your World

Chaos, Fun, Tears and Joy

Wishing to turn back time

when you are still fine

Loving, Sweet, Gentle and warmth

What happened to you my Love?

You’re now stranger to my sight

Scary, troubled, dominant and Harsh

However, I’ll remain at your side

I will not escape, I will not fly

I love you, You need me, I’ll fight for you, We’ll get through this.

22. Bad Timing Cough

Supposedly this  blog is about my first week in my new work. How’s the office? How’s your teammates? What did I learn for the week? etc. Instead, this week (almost) I stayed at home because I was sick. O_O

How Can I took a 4 days sick leave on my first week at work? 🙁


Good thing my manager was really nice to allow me and I’m so thankful for that because this was a hell week for me.  It all started with a sore throat last Saturday. It healed after a day but then I started coughing Sunday. It was an ultimate-itchy-non-stop-seems-like-forever cough. The worst part comes every night because it’ll wake you up (actually didn’t made me sleep at all).

Here goes Monday( First day). I didn’t feel really well but I have to make an appearance. The cough cooperated a little but still an embarrassment. Luckily, we were assigned to a room for a day. At least even if I cough only one can see me.  To ease my discomfort, I frequently go to the pantry to refill my tumbler with warm water and of course my best friend for the day was the C.R where the temp is a little warmer and I can cough the hell I want to. I tried to control the cough but to no avail. Even when our lead did the orientation, I disturb him with my cough (Q!$@^!)

I went home immediately once the shift ended. While in transit,  I felt that the cough is getting worse and I’m starting to feel my body hurt.  I had fever when I arrived.  I just take normal Ibuprofen and cough relief medication and tried to sleep  (Of course I didn’t).

Tuesday was the same but I insisted to come to office so that I could also go to the clinic and be examined. I stayed to my area  doing nothing and I felt that it’s getting colder. My officemates came in and even if they tend to ignore my cough, of course it’s disturbing. It’s really obvious that I’m trying to suppress it. I went to the clinic past 8:00 AM but to my disappointment, the consultation was being scheduled. WHAATTT???  I tried not to argue anymore because I’m really getting dizzy so I went back to our area and decide whether to go home or not. I was the only one wearing jacket there so I realized I’m having fever again and my throat is now level 9 painful.  I immediately ask for my manager’s permission to go home because I can no longer endure it and I need to have it checked. Gladly he approved. Thanks again.

I slept when I got home and was examined by an EENT Doctor at night(his only availability) and according to him it’s Acute Pharyngitis. He prescribed antibiotics and cough syrup. I had hope because I already got medication. I started taking them after dinner and then slept right after. For some reason the night was worst. the coughing continue and I started vomiting everything I ate.  I woke up the next day having a fever. My energy was really drained. I tried to eat because antibiotic are really strong. For 2 Days I feel the same so I had to extend my leave. My fever comes back and forth. I realize something that the doctor mentioned, that acid sometimes causes chronic cough. It’s possible because the antibiotic was very strong. I have medicine for my hyperacidity but I was hesitant to consume it because I had too many drugs.  Thursday came and I can’t take it anymore,  my throat was really painful and had fever early morning so my mom had to take me to the hospital.

I was accepted to the ER but according to the attending M.D I had to go to an EENT instead because there’s nothing they can do since I already have prescription and somehow I know what’s going on. We went to ENT and the doctor confirmed my issue. He did a procedure to me I don’t know what it is but I was able to breath properly and suddenly my throat discomfort was relieved. Then he ordered to stop the antibiotics and he replaced it with new drugs. The coughing continue through the night but I’m positive that it’ll be better and it did. I was able to sleep for few hours. I no longer had fever last Friday and I was able to eat properly as well.

The weekend was even better and I was able to sleep longer but still waking up triggers the coughing. My throat no longer hurts.

Occasionally I still cough and sneeze. I feel more energetic so basically, I’m okay now and I hope this will continue.


Thank You Lord 🙂





Thank You Readers :)

Hi, Friends.


            How are you? Good?  Well I just want to offer this post to thank you all for supporting this blog. 🙂


It has been a passion of mine to write, share stories,write poetries and create music. This blog is my means  to show/share this “artistic” side of mine and it’s a privilege to know that you find time to appreciate what I do.

I may not be able to update this blog regularly but I’m trying my best to do more because you all inspire me. Thanks for the kind words, comments, likes,sharing posts and blog awards that you give. I never thought of getting those because all I want was to post whatever I wanted regardless if no one reads them. 😀

I hope we grow this community here in my blog. So far we are 700 beautiful people here.  WEEEE!

and AS ALWAYS, feel free to share your thoughts with me.



Once Again, THANK YOU! <3